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Black Lives Matter. – Brian Medavoy

Black Lives Matter.

Your grandchildren will ask what you remember of these times. America is hurting, caught in a crucible that will inspire countless documentaries and books. We’re living history; another period in a shamefully long and brutal road to justice.

The voices chanting “I can’t breathe,” the die-ins in the street, protestors standing arm-in-arm against police brutality are images that will endure and sear themselves into history books. The days of black people being callously, almost casually murdered by police should be behind us. The days of “all lives matter,” “blue lives matter,” and white silence should be far, far behind us. It’s enraging that they’re not. Now is the time for all of us to recognize, unequivocally, that black lives matter, and to actively pursue a world where we hold that mantra sacred.

Whatever your values, opinions, beliefs, or political leanings; these are vital days. There is pain, strife, division, and anger everywhere we look. It’s time to stop saying “I see what I see,” and start saying “I see what you see.”

Being outraged isn’t enough. Now is the time for action. If you feel overwhelmed or aren’t sure how you can help, please check out the resources on this page.

– Brian