Letter to Jenna Bans (Good Girls) | Brian Medavoy

Letter to Jenna Bans (Good Girls)

Jenna –

Hello! My name is Brian Medavoy, and I am Reno Wilson’s manager. I just wanted to write you and let you know how impressed I am with Good Girls. The show’s only aired two episodes, and I already feel as though you and your staff have a handle on these characters and their story. I’m so invested in seeing where Beth, Ruby, and Annie are headed, and how the show’s going to get them there. The tone you’ve set up, with its tricky balance between drama and comedy, is also a triumph, and is something I hardly ever see done as well as you’re doing it right now.

I’m also wowed by the immediate chemistry the cast has, particularly the three leads. Naturally, I love Reno’s work as well, but Christina, Retta, and Mae all have such a rapport that you believe they’ve known each other for years. Many shows, even great shows, work for a whole season to get there. These three hit it in the pilot, and that’s a credit not only to the actresses, but to you and your casting team.

Irrespective of one of my clients starring on the show, I think Good Girls is truly one of the best pilots I’ve seen in a while, and the second episode proved that it’s going to make a great series. It’s so rare that I feel this way about a show, but I cannot wait to come back for next week’s episode.