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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
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Letter to Dylan Clark and Peter Chernin (Dawn of Planet of the Apes)

By on July 18, 2014

Dear Peter and Dylan –

Bravo. You’ve done the seemingly impossible: taken a canonical classic and made it better. The original PLANET OF THE APES series left many questions to be answered and you have done so with great grace, creativity, and raw emotion. What made the original films timeless–apocalyptic science, existential conflict, and a genuine confusion as to who to root for–is all compounded by this new film. It was epic, but poignant and told a compelling tale of the corrupting influence of power and mistrust.

Beyond the political crises, one can’t help but acknowledge our fragile relationship with nature. Be it apes or droughts, man must tread carefully when navigating the problems of his world.

Thank you for an engrossing, entertaining, thought-provoking evening and for reviving a cultural phenomenon.

All the best,
Brian Medavoy



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