Letter to Chadwick Boseman and Michael Greene (Black Panther) | Brian Medavoy

Letter to Chadwick Boseman and Michael Greene (Black Panther)

Dear Chadwick, Mr Greene and all the Greenies –

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing BLACK PANTHER this past weekend, and I want to commend you on your compelling performance, and say thank you for helping to craft such an impactful, important film. You’re easy to root for on screen, which I think has contributed to the heroic pedigree of the roles you’ve become most known for. Even as a king, you remain eminently relatable, a fact that is especially crucial when you consider the young audiences who will see this movie in awe. BLACK PANTHER is now one of the five biggest openings of all time, a tremendous, well-earned achievement for you, Ryan Coogler, and the entire team.

I love seeing talented actors succeed, but I prefer seeing talented, authentic people succeed. Prior to seeing BLACK PANTHER, I also caught your interview on SiriusXM in which you discussed two young fans with terminal cancer holding on for the movie to release. Your genuine care for the kids and your grief over their passing broke my heart. There has been so much talk of the impact this film is having on the world, but that interview was a powerful reminder of the impact fans have on filmmakers. It also shows the truth of your charisma and character. This industry needs more effortless, honest entertainers like you.

But of course, I expected nothing less given that I know some of the people with whom you surround yourself. Your agent, Michael Greene, has been a friend for many years, and he’s another fine example of the hard work and authenticity that people root for. To see another genuinely decent guy like him rewarded with this triumph of a film is fantastic. I couldn’t be happier for both of you, and I wish you nothing but great things from here.

Here’s to success and a ride in rarefied air that is so deserved !

Warm regards,
Brian Medavoy