Letter to David Schwimmer | Brian Medavoy

Letter to David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer

Dear David –

It’s been awhile but after seeing you on my TV last night I had to reach out. Last night’s episode of AMERICAN CRIME STORY was so good and you were just incredible in it. Obviously the focus was the infamous Bronco chase but I had never realized Robert Kardashian’s connection to it. I remember listening to him reading O.J.’s suicide note on TV and thinking what the hell is going on here? While it’s easy to look in retrospect at that scene as an act of legal gamesmanship, you presented it as it really was: a deeply personal and poignant expression from a man who genuinely believed his friend and client had been frightened and publicly tortured into ending his own life.

I read your Vulture interview today as well and can see just how invested in Robert you became. He’s such a seminal Los Angeles figure that, for anyone who grew up here, is so easy to draw an easy and unjust bead on, but you’ve given him the kind of supremely personal and balanced treatment only a great actor and great writers can do. There is so much going on in this series but perhaps the most interesting character is actually Robert and you’ve given him a life (in just 2 episodes so far!) within and beyond this trial that nobody has ever really seen.

Obviously I’m so proud and excited to see you doing this level of work and I wanted to reach out to say congratulations on the series great reception so far, and I hope to see you on a podium at the end of the year.

Warm regards,